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We are inlove with the passion and work of all independentsa and whilst we specialize in independent fashion, we would love to give shoutout to other independents from the creative industry.

This includes, but not limited to: Indie Music, Indie Art, Indie Businesses, Indie Blogs

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In a world that is going global, we go local! We specialize in promoting our indies in the region they already oprate in. We know that people love discovering unique indie places around them and becoming their biggest supporters. We want to make this process easy.

What is local? Local is what, where or who you call home.

Topics we care about

All things local and independent. We want to educate on all topics surrounding the above in order to create a better understanding of why indies are the future!

Including: Sustainability, Lifestyle, Ethical Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, Vegan Fashion, Culture, Impact, Innovation, Technology & more

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